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Senior Training Goes Virtual!

Hello all!

As with all the other parts of our lives, we're all itching for hockey to return to normal! Unfortunately the wait rumbles on, with the news that sports training isn't permitted for anyone until at least January 31st.

Whilst we miss matches and competition, lots of us have really appreciated and relied on the fresh air and social outlet that training has given us over the last little while. So, with that in mind, the committee and coaches have come up with a plan to keep us active and connected whilst we go through this lockdown! 🏃‍♀️

  • Online Fitness: Starting this week, fitness is going online for all Senior members. Cata will be hosting 4ths-7ths every Wednesday evening from 7-8pm. The Zoom link will be in your WhatsApp group. Conor will be taking 1sts-3rds, details to follow in your WhatsApps groups.

  • FitLeague: All Senior players, managers, coaches are invited to take part in some friendly competition via Teamo! We've created a FitLeague, where you can sync your fitness tracker to log your weekly steps and active minutes in order to compete for the top spot at the end of each week and, most importantly, give each other a little motivation to get active! At the end of the month we'll even crown the winning team 😉. If you're on Teamo you'll shortly receive a notification about it, if you don't have the Teamo app, you can get it by clicking here.

If you've any questions you can contact the committee or ask in your WhatsApp groups.

Happy fitness-ing!


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