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Strategic Review: Your Club Needs You!

A strategic review is underway for Muckross Hockey Club by a Strategic Review committee with representation from across the club. We are excited to get to the heart of what Muckross needs for a sustainable and successful future. This review needs your voice to reflect the ambitions of our club and community into the future. Our work will involve:

  • Reviewing the current structure of MHC, its operating model and its funding model;

  • Considering opportunities for the sustainability and growth of the club into the future and

  • How to serve current and future needs of the MHC community in the most effective way possible;

  • Facilitating and developing a 5 year Strategic Plan for MHC to include agreed strategic goals and objectives;

What do you need to do?

Take 5 minutes to complete this survey. It will give us a baseline on where we are as a club, what works well, and what needs to be improved. Join us in the Goat Pub on Tuesday 7th of February at 7pm for a townhall meeting on the priority issues facing the club.


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