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The below information is crucial for all Muckross members - Juniors and their parents will also be sent further information in the coming days from the Junior committee.

Hockey Ireland have introduced a new system for the whole country. Previously each club had their own insurance, but from this year on, Hockey Ireland have introduced a new national insurance policy for each member of all clubs.

All players have to pay €10 each to ensure you are registered for the season, otherwise you aren’t insured at training or on match days.

To register click the button here:

The email address should be just your personal one, likely the one you gave when you first joined the club/one you have given previously to sign up to the newsletter. It’s very simple and takes about 5 minutes to do.

If you don't pay, you can't play.

For new players who haven’t been in another club last season, you’ll have register yourself as a ‘new member’. If you go to to register, you will be asked to register as new. Just follow the prompts and you can register and pay. Once they do that, you will go into the pending memberships, where they will have to be approved.

Players coming from other clubs who have played last season, can you please contact your old clubs in order to start the transfer process.

Our understanding is you can still register with the new membership system, but you might have to include your previous club when prompted if you pay before the transfer is complete.

Seniors: Any questions please contact Emma on

Juniors/Parents please contact Dave on but you will be receiving further info in the coming days.


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