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The vets back in action!

Judy from the Vets updates us on the latest from our mighty Vets!

Pembroke Wanderers v Muckross Vets

With a massive squad of at least 20 players (well that was on Monday) we turned up in PW with 13 and no umpire!!

Thanks to Lisa's daughter for being bribed into taking the whistle and doing a great job.

Unfortunately we were 2-0 down at half time as yours truly got wrong footed twice - that's my excuse.

We drew the second half with no thanks to my centre back and sweeper (no names mentioned) who decided to let the ball go without thinking that there might be a forward behind them - and of course there was but fortunately Ash saw the funny side and thankfully didn't score.

Final score was 2-0 to PW with tea, biscuits in the bar afterwards

Thanks to B for finding my car keys - might have spent the night in PW otherwise.


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