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Your Club needs YOU!

Our Club relies on our wonderful volunteers, and this season we need more people to get involved!

The Committee has lots of big plans, and plenty of great suggestions came in through the recent Membership survey. However we can only make these plans a reality if we have enough volunteers, so we're appealing to everyone in our Club community to think about what they can give back to the Club this year.

We're not looking for big commitments - we're looking for a day, a week, a weekend of your time.

The recent Membership survey highlighted that one of the main reasons people don't volunteer is because they think they're too new to the Club, or because no one has ever asked them - so we're asking you now!

It doesn't matter what age you are, how long you've been in the Club, whether you're a parent or a player...all we ask for is a bit of your time and a good dose of enthusiasm! 💚

We are looking to for volunteers for the following:

  • Treasurer

  • Communications / social media sub-committee

  • Social sub-committee

  • Fundraising sub-committee

  • Shed manager (keeping the shed tidy and stocked up)

  • Senior team managers (4ths & 5ths)

  • Volunteers to help with a Senior Club Day at the start of the season

  • Pool of volunteers for doing match photography

If you have a skill set that the Club would find invaluable or have some time to give but don’t know how to help please get in touch. We will find a use for you!

If you can help us at all, please email Anna at or get in touch with any committee member.


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