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Urgent- Hockey Ireland Affiliation Fee!

Hockey Ireland have introduced a new affiliation fee of €10.

All Senior Muckross members need to register now on the Hockey Ireland website to pay this mandatory fee or they will not be able to play in any competitions.

This must be paid by 1st November 2021

The link for registering is here:

A couple of tips when registering:

  1. You will need to log in with the email address that you provided Muckross HC

  2. If you reset the password you will get your own personal password.

  3. A page will pop up with a number of different boxes and you will select the relevant one

  4. You will be asked to fill out a profile section, some elements have been pre-populated by Muckross HC as part of our standard process but they will ask for some additional information.

  5. Under memberships you will find the relevant payment option for you.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!


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