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This week's fixtures!"

An absolutely jam-packed weekend of hockey is coming up, with all our senior teams back in action across the Leinster leagues!

Plenty of games home and away for you to go and support and bring some #MuckrossMagic

LEAGUE DIV 2 mHC 2s  ‭v Trinity • AWAY • 10:30am saturday 24th September LEAGUE DIV 4 mHC 3s  ‭v Rathgar • HOME • 1:30PM LEAGUE DIV 6 mHC 4s  ‭v pembroke • AWAY • 5:30PM LEAGUE DIV 10 mHC 5s  ‭v portrane • HOME • 3pM Wednesday 21st September VETS LEAGUE 2 mHC VETS  ‭v Avoca • away • 8:30pm LEAGUE DIV 1 mHC 1s  ‭v Glenanne • AWAY • 3:15pm LEAGUE DIV 11 mHC 6s  ‭v kilkenny • HOME • 4:30PM


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