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Senior Training Resumes

In light of the updated restrictions, announced on Friday, we're delighted to be able to welcome all our Senior players back to training next week!

Our u18 players have been keeping training going for the past few weeks, on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It was a great opportunity for different teams to train together, and also for some of the Minor A players from the Junior section to mix in and get a feel for Senior hockey!

Special thanks to our coaches who've kept things going these past few weeks, and who've been adapting constantly to different groups and guidelines all season.

Level 3 means that training will continue in our pods and non-contact. Unfortunately there'll be no matches this side of Christmas, but we've three weeks before the Christmas break so we're looking forward to making the most of them!

I've you need a refresher of training times, you can find them all here.

Happy training!


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