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Senior Coaching Lineup and Training Times

Now that teams are taking shape, we're very excited to be able to announce our full coaching and management lineup - as well as this year's training times!

Big thanks in particular for Deirdre Mathews and Club Captain, Jacqui Murray, for all their work in this!

This year we're delighted to be entering a new 6ths AND 7ths team. This is with thanks to the considerable recruitment effort made by all our coaches, as well as the work being done by our Junior section - this year we have 20+ Junior players joining the Senior section for the first time!

A special welcome to new coaches Catalina and Michael, as well as new managers Rebecca, Joanne and Affric.



Coach: Simon Pearson

Assistant Coach: Anna O'Flanagan

Manager: Freda Canavan

Training: Monday 7:30-9pm (TRR) / Thursday 7-9pm


Coaches: David Sheill & Rob Abott

Manager: Moya Ryan

Training: Monday 7:30-9pm (TRR) / Thursday 7-8:30pm


Coaches: Lauren Murray & Adam Clayton

Manager: Ali Coyne

Training: Monday 7:15-8:30pm / Thursday 8-9:30pm


Coach: Catalina Montino

Manager: Affric McLoughlin

Training: Monday 8:30-9:45pm (optional) / Wednesday 7-8:30pm


Coach: TBC

Manager: Rebecca Murphy

Training: Monday 8:30-9:45pm (optional) / Wednesday 7-8:30pm


Coach: Anna Shine

Manager: Joanne Tyrrell

Training: Monday 7-8:15pm (optional) / Wednesday 8:15-9:45pm


Coach: Michael Gent

Manager: Ruth Byron

Training: Monday 7-8:15pm (optional) / Wednesday 8:15-9:45pm


Coach: David Fitzgerald

1sts & 2nds: 6:15-7:15pm, first 3 weeks of every month

3rds to 7ths: 6:45-7:45pm, last week of every month


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