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Jan-March Umpire Rota

Well done to everyone who has already been out umpiring this season. Umpiring is an essential part of the day-to-day running of the club, so it's really important we all play our part to help out with!

🚨Check the updated rota for after Christmas & pop your match into the diary now -> Click Here to View 🚨

Some reminders:

  • Umpires & Team Management (Coach/Captain/Manager) should check in with each other at least one week in advance. However, the sooner you do this the better!

  • If you can't umpire it's your responsibility to swap with someone or pay for a replacement - replacement umpires can be sought on'Need a Whistler' on Facebook. Just be sure to communicate with the team you're umpiring for!

  • Teams Management should liaise with their umpire to provide them with transport to and from the match.

  • Umpires will need a whistle, a stopwatch and a brightly coloured top to ensure they stand out from players.

  • Where possible try to avoid wearing/showing Muckross kit - the more neutral you can appear the better!

  • The Club expects players and team management to be respectful towards umpires at all times - particularly our own! Umpires are asked to inform if they experience any unsporting behaviour.

  • The FIH Rules of Hockey App is very useful for testing yourself and looking up anything you're unsure about -

Some tips:


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