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EYHL Promotion -:Thank You!

WHAT A DAY. That magic moment at the full time whistle of the EYHL Playoffs yesterday was many years in the making. To everyone who has given so much of themselves to the club, at all levels – and in particular Sarah Green, Jeananne Fennelly, Deirdre Mathews & Ann Ronan; to the many players who have weathered the storm throughout the seasons; to our sponsors who backed us to make the next step up, especially Eoin O’Neill Property Advisers; to those who have supported us along the way, at all levels, in all eras; and to THIS special group – THANK YOU!

Muckross is a family – and it was fitting that our impromptu victory party in Kiely’s was a real family affair; as was the support system that got us over the line at the weekend and throughout the season as a whole. The support has been SUPER.

We can’t put a measure on how many hours of hard graft and preparation that Scottie & Freda have put into this, since they first gathered their troops for pre-season way back in August. The Dynamic Duo have been INCREDIBLE to watch at work. And as for their squad – the young stars that played such a pivotal role in our landmark return to top-flight hockey back in 2015 are now the leaders of today’s team, alongside new Muckross Magicians who’ve joined our ranks, old friends who’ve made such a welcome return to them, and the immense young talent that has broken through. Intensely focused momentum instilled a strong belief which led them to a first Leinster Division One title in 21 years – and now promotion to the national league.

Truth be told – this moment has been MANY seasons in the making, with invaluable lessons learned along the way. Winning Division Three in 2012/2013 to secure promotion to Division Two. Driving on to reach the promotional playoff in 2013/2014 and so narrowly missing out on ascension to Division One in a shootout. Re-grouping to go again in 2014/2015 and finally secure our return to the provincial top flight. Making our mark on Division One with a maiden season to be so proud of in 2015/2016. Reaching the EYHL Playoffs in 2016/2017. Winning them in 2017/2018.

To EVERYONE who played a part in all those big days throughout the past five years – on the pitch, on the sideline, and behind the scenes – all we can say is, once again, THANK YOU. Bring on the next chapter!


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