Defying the odds,- By Ali Robinson

As pre-season draws to a close, thoughts now turn to what lies ahead for 2016/2017 – but also present are memories the highs and lows from the season past. It’s important to look back to look forward, after all. The following is from an article that our 2015/2016 Leinster Cup winning Coach Ali Robinson wrote about her squad for NewsFour, the local community newspaper… have a read, and BELIEVE!

Once in a while, a sporting achievement stands out – a special occasion, where the sheer guts and determination of underdogs triumphs, against the odds, over overwhelming favourites. It shows us that the impossible is possible…and so it was last April.

The scene was set for a showdown between two clubs; rivals who had fought it out for the first and second spots in their Leinster league division for three consecutive years. Muckross -V- Wicklow league matches were always tense, high tempo affairs – but it was Wicklow who consistently came out on top, remaining unbeaten by any league counterpart.

When both clubs were drawn on the opposite sides of the Leinster Division 11/12 Cup, Muckross watched on as Wicklow relentlessly marched on through the rounds, winning by an average score of five goals to nil. Our team navigated their way through to the quarter-finals, and then won a tough semi-final against Monkstown to book their place in the final which, based on form, was generally considered to be a fait accompli for Wicklow… but Ali’s Army had other ideas!

Nerves were raw; fear, dread and trepidation abounded; but often in the face of the seemingly insurmountable comes clarity. “So what if they have an ex-international on their team? So what if they’ve beaten us consistently for the past three years? So what if no one is giving us a chance?” If we believed as a unit and agreed as a unit that we could be victorious, then we WOULD be victorious.